Batumi Navigation Teaching University (BNTU), Georgia

batumi navigation teaching university georgia

Batumi Navigation Teaching University (BNTU), Georgia

Batumi Navigation Teaching University(BNTU)  is carrying out of educational activity (Bachelor’s, Master’s and vocational educational programmes; training/retraining and professional development training-courses) in accordance with the Law of Georgia in the priority area of education –transportation (especially in marine field), its operation and service, administration, management etc., as well as in the areas corresponding to the market requirements;

In accordance with the decision of Accreditation Council of Georgia , the following Educational programs are considered accredited and implemented in BNTU at present:-
Bachelor’s Educational Programs

  • 1. Ship Mechanics
  • 2. Marine Navigation
  • 3. Organization and Management of International Transportation Program
  • 4. Ship Mechanics

Master’s educational programs on –

  • 1. Transport Logistics

Foreign applicants are invited to a specialized maritime education – a Bachelor’s degree in the following specialties:

  1. Maritime Navigation
  2. Ship’s Power Plant

Upload/download full Bachelor’s program here for Navigation Program “and upload/download full Bachelor’s Program forShip’s Power plant Program

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, training courses in 2021 begin in early October, and usually in early September. Eligible students can apply by completing the online application form – click to upload and send online. To find out more about “International maritime training center “and about “training Ship Elite click relative photos  

Applicants who have a 12th grade or secondary education with at least 65% of marks and are fluent in English are eligible for Maritime studies at BNTU. The online English test can be conducted by university or university consultants, or the Georgian consulate may interview you during the visa procedure to check your eligibility. As such, candidates must be fluent in English to attend courses in ship mechanics and maritime navigation.

The University accepts no responsibility and no documentation fees are refundable (e.g., translation and confirmation costs, document processing and courier services, applicable Ministry of Education approval fees) if the applicant is not eligible for admission. The enrollment request is rejected based on poor English and incomplete or incorrect documents.

Cost of Education:

Tuition fees for 2021-22 are set at US $ 3,500 per year. The University reserves the right to change the rates during other years and other semesters (it is assumed that it will grow by 10-15% annually), introducing a more professional and hands-on learning process and improving standards of Education. In addition, there is a filing process fee and a one-time consultation fee for each applicant’s case. Find out more about this beautiful coastal town on the Black Sea coast. Find out more about Batumi and other cities of Eurasia – click About us“. The University offers standard dormitories with all basic amenities – accommodation is provided on a first come, first served basis. The university consultants offer a range of comfortable rooms close to the campus at a reasonable price. The cost of living ranges from $ 250 to $ 350 per month, depending on the life habits of each student and the comfort requirements. In addition to this, health and life insurance is required in Georgia – costs are available upon request. For more information about the admission procedure in Georgia, get additional information on this page: Admission Procedure Georgian Universities”

The University offers High research facility in the field of transportation (especially in marine field) and Training of competitive experts with state-of-the-art knowledge and effective practical skills in Georgia’s and international education and labor markets. The University has obtained image of leader in maritime education field internationally, in particular, Black Sea and Caucasus region.

BNTU is a Competitive higher education institution, tending to integrate in international education, industry and scientific space, meeting international standards, work and study in which is equally prestigious. At the same time, BNTU is a reliable partner for educational, scientific and field organizations, which has popular brand recognized in European educational and industry field.

Medical Facility for Martime Personals and Students :

The university also possesses all kinds of medical facility for its maritime specialists and students. It has an affiliated clinic for Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology and Plastic surgery. The Clinic of Eye disease Plastic surgery and Cosmetology the” Seafarers Medical Center” SAGITARUS, affiliated to BNTU offers all kind of medical services to Maritime Students on priority basis. International Maritime specialists and maritime staff seeking any such treatment –are treated priority basis. The cost of treatment is available on request – special price apply. For more about clinic, click page Maritime Medical  Facilities

The History and Development

The history goes back to 1999, when “Batumi Maritime College (Seaman School) was established and on the basis of which “Batumi Navigation Institute was established (in 2008) and in 2013 renamed as Batumi Navigation Teaching University (BNTU). Since 2013 up to date, BNTU successfully implements vocational and academic higher (Bachelor’s, Master’s and educational program. In accordance with the decision of Accreditation Council, the following Educational programs are considered accredited and implemented in BNTU at present: –

-Bachelor’s Educational Programs

  • 1. Ship Mechanics
  • Marine Navigation
  • Organization and Management of International Transportation Programs

Master’s Educational Programs on

  • 1.Transport Logistics

ISO Certificates and International Certification Network

    • >> BNTU possess Quality Management International Standard certificate (ISO)
    • >> International Quality Certificate is a guarantor of reliability, provision and continuous improvement of service quality in BNTU
    • >> BNTU possess certificate of Quality Management System Conformity (ISO): ISO 9001:1994ISO 9001:2000 (2004, 2008); ISO 9001:2008 (2009, 2011, and 2014)
    • >> ISO 9001:2008 (2009, 2011, and 2014)
    • >> ISO 9001:2015. -International Certification Network: IQ Net 2000 (2004, 2008)
    • >> IQNet 2008 (2009, 2011, 2014); IQ Net 2015 (2017)
    • >> IQNet 2008 (2009, 2011, 2014); IQ Net 2015 (2017)
    • >> Compliance of BNTU as maritime educational institution with International Standards (External Audit of BNTU by International Maritime Authority)
    • >> European Maritime Safety Agency(EMSA) audit (2013)
    • >>Russian Register Certification System – Certificate of Quality Management System Conformity (ISO 9001:1994, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 9001:2015)
    • >>Recognition by Honduras Maritime Authority -Recognition by Panama Maritime Authority
    • >> Certificate of recognition of maritime training institution issued by LEPL Maritime Transport Agencyof the Ministry of Economic and Sustainable Development of Georgia Integration into international field, educational and research space. BNTU IS the Founder of Scientific Magazine. Since 2016 and a co-founder of international peer-reviewed scientific publication “Innovative Economics and Management”.

    Membership of International Organizations & BNTU Partners Higher Education Institutions:

    • >> Academic Society of Michal Baludansky- Slovakia
    • >> Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding –Ukraine
    • >> Baku State Maritime Academy- Azerbaijan
    • >> Chernigov National Technological Ukraine
    • >> North East Maritime Institute- USA
    • >> Latvian Transport and Communication Institute -Riga
    • >> Chernigov National Technological Ukraine
    • >> Turkish Black Sea Technical University-Trabzon
    • >> Kiev State Maritime Transport Academy- Ukraine
    • >> International Academy of Marine Sciences, Technologies and Innovations of Ukraine
    • >> Warsaw Management University-Poland
    • >> Security Management University- Slovakia
    • >> Kosice Technological University Slovakia
    • >> Technological University of Czech Republic in Prague and Piri Reis Maritime University -Istanbul, Turkey

    BNTU Partners – Field Organizations

    Sagittarius Ltd. (Medical Center for mariners, where BNTU prospective students, students, vocational students, alumni etc. may get medical check-up. With the support of this center BNTU carries out social security programs)

    • >> Poseidon
    • >>Iberia Navigation
    • >> Fregat
    • >> International Maritime Group
    • >> Elseri
    • >> Baltic Group International
    • >> Georgia
    • >> Eurostar Marine
    • >> Aries
    • >> NONAT XXI
    • >> GZA Ltd
    • >> BMS Georgia Ltd
    • >> BATOS SHIPPING LTD (Agency, forwarding company)
    • >> INFLOT BATUMI LTD (Agency, forwarding company)
    • >> INFLOT BATUMI LTD (Agency, forwarding company)
    • >> TERO MARITIME AGENCY LTD (Agency, forwarding company)
    • >> Cargo Trans Group Ltd.
    • >> Geo Trans Group Ltd. (Shipping company)
    • >> Batumi Rail Group Ltd and MRG Limited

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