Update on admission 2024: Applications are invited for MBBS and PG courses, Dentistry, Pharmacy & other specialties by “Kazan State Medical University”, “North Ossetia State Medical Academy “and “Caucasus International University «Georgia. To check eligibility, please forward scanned copies of your 12th class certificate and passport on E-mail:medic.eurasia@gmail.com and or on WhatsApp
The Spring-Summer 2024 Intakes: Applications are invited by one of the best Universities in Georgia, for MBBS and Dentistry courses. Applicants are requested to forward scanned copies of documents: a valid passport and 12th grade/secondary education certificates on e-mail:medic.eurasia@gmail.com or on whatsApp.Please feel free to contact us for any request.

Study in Europe at low cost

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In our website you will find conveniently for you opportunities and internationally recognized education, first line medicine and related specialties. Study Medicine Eurasia will help you make your dreams come true.
You have at least 65% scores in Biology and Chemistry with a good command of English; you are eligible for admission and decide your destiny with a wonderful future. The universities listed here offer medical courses and other sciences in English, but learning a local foreign language is also important for living in foreign country and for practical work. For students who are not yet ready to apply for the first year courses, you can easily start with preparatory faculty (courses before medical education) at a reasonable price. Feel free to fill out the application form and provide details requested
To find out more about us, visit the” ABOUT US “page, and to find information about universities, click the menu” UNIVERSITIES “and select the university you want to study in. The universities represented here offer: MBBS courses, Residency, Dentistry and Pharmacy, Biology and Chemistry, Computer Science, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Veterinary Medicine, Agro Sciences and other specialties.
Our representatives work in various regions of Russia and Georgia to provide you with all the necessary support.
For detailed information on the admission procedure, click on the “ADMISSION” menu and visit the sections “Admission procedure in Russia and Admission procedure in Georgia.

Study in Europe at low cost

The Universities listed here,are the best in Eurasia and recognized by WHO, MCI and other World health organizations.

1) Kazan State Medical University(KSMU)

This University is located at Kazan city- the third popular city after Moscow and St.Petersburg. MCI recognized , WHO recognized and one of the best in Russia.
TUITION FEES Preparatory faculty language and other subjects -one year courses – 143000 RublesMBBS courses6 years  (English)-App: 440000 Rubles/year- Dentistry -5 years(English)- 460,000 Rubles/year Pediatric courses- 6 years (English or Bilingual)-300,000Rub/year-Pharmacology-5 years courses (English or Bilingual)- -260,000 Rub/yearMedical biochemistry -6 years (bilingual) 225,000 Rub/year. Previntive medicine 6 years 231,000 Rub /year. Residency 2 years 275,000 Rub/year.
Remarks: Tution fees is based on 2023 avaiable data and is subject to change without notice. To calculate tution fees in other currencies ,please go to online Russian Central Bank exchanhes rates. To find latest update on tution fees, please contact us on e-mail or WhatsApp. 
Living costs -students can manage for 150 USD a month minimum and health insurance around 150-250 USD per year. 
Entrance examinations:-After approval of admission documents, the University conducts entrance examinations online or on arrival to the host country.Chemistry Program   download here...  ,For “Chemistry test support  download here... , “English language tickets”  download here  ,Application Form for Invitation: Download here.. , Online Application Form for-KSMU: Download here.

2) Moscow 2nd Medical Research University ( Pirogovo)

The Moscow 2nd Medical Research University is one of the best in Europe/Eurasia with most advanced infrustructute and high level of Research facilities. It is recognized by WHO, MCI and other World Health Organizations
Preparity Faculty: language courses and other medical subjects for 10mths to 12 months app 3500 USD,MBBS- 6 years courses( English-and Bilingual) App 7000 USD/Year, Dentistry 5 years ( English-Bilingual)7200 USD/year, Pharmacology-5 years( English-Bilingual) – 5 years – 5500 USD, Medical Biochemistry – 6 years courses – 7000 USD/year  Residency Courses – 2 years -6000 USD/year + language courses for 10 months.
Hostel 400 USD /year, Health Insurance 200+ USD/year , Living costs 150-200 USD/moth
Remarks: Tution feesthe calculation is based on 65 Rubles to USD average exchange rate and on availabledata of 20222-23 .For latest update, please contact us on E-mail or WhatsApp
Entrance Examination: is conducted by the University (after approval) online or on arrival at Moscow for Chemistry – Biology – English language. For “Test Rehearsal in Chemistry” For “Test Rehearsal in Chemistry” download papers here For “Test Rehearsal in Biology download papers here

3) The Caucasus International University (CIU)-

The Caucasus International University (CIU) is located at Tbilisi, Georgia. Georgia is a touristic and picturesque country in Europe/ eurasia and bordered by Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia. For more about Georgia, please visit page ” About us”
Besides MBBS and Dentistry courses, the University offers Bachelor’s degree programs of Business Administration, Nursing, Computer Sciences and Engineering courses.The University is recognized by “WHO”, MCI and other International Health Organizations.

Education program and tution fees– 

language of teaching is English
Programs   :One cycle MBBS degree program -6 years courses  and tution fees 5500 USD:/year.One cycle program in Dentistry for 5 years – tution fees 4500 USD/year. Post Graduate(PG) program in International marketting- 3500 USD/year. Undergraduate program in Business Administration for 4 years- 3500 USD/year. Bachelor’s degree program in Pharmacy – 4 years – 4000 USD/Year.
The Tution fees  details are  based on 2022-23 data . For latest update, please contact us on email/whatsApp information

Hostel-comfort class

All inclusive:  Internet , 3 times meals , fully facilitated rooms with 4 in one accomodation, 15 minutes walk from the University. Total 250 USD/month :    Health Insurance 300 USD/year

4) North Ossetia State Medical Academy (NOSMA)

The “North Ossetia State Medical Academy” (NOSMA) is the best for applicants looking for higher education and MBBS degree courses at an affordable price and with relativelylow living costs.The NOSMA offers MBBS, Dentistry, Residency courses in English and bilingual.The University is recognized by “WHO”, MCI and other International Health Organizations. North Ossetia is located close to Georgia, Turkey and Iran.
TUITION FEES: (Note: the calculations are based on 65 Rubles to USD average exchange rate and other calculations based on 2021.For latest update, please contsct us on whatsApp until updated here)
Preparatory faculty –language and other subjects -10 months –  2000$ ,-MBBS COURSES for 6 years  in English or Bilingual- -3700-4500$/year
Dentistry 5 years courses (English or bilingual) –  3700 USD to 4500 USD/year – Pediatric courses 6 years in English or Bilingual – 3500-3700 USD/year – Pharmacology -5 years courses -English or Bilingual- 3000-3300USD/year  –Medical biochemistry 6 years courses (bilingual). 3300-3500USD/year
Residency –duration 2 years.3000 USD/ year + 2000 USD (preparatory courses)
Hostel costs about 300$/yr or Comfort option -1200 $/yr (shared room with two others) , Health insurance about 300 $/yr and living costs about 3000$/year. Hostels are fully booked in advance; hence please consider “Comfort class accommodations” as an alternative.  Application form for Invitation: Download here.  Also fill up the Online Application Form NOSMA downloads here.

Note: all payments in Russia are based on Local currency value  and paid in local currency. Exchange rates change time to time.

5) North Ossetia State University (NOSU)

This is a best option for applicants looking for High Quality European Education (other than MBBS) at the lowest possible budget.The degrees you get here are recognized worldwide The NOSU maintains relationships with top class European Universities on Education exchange programs. It is one of the best in Russian Federation with the most modern infrastructure.You can apply for 10 months language courses and get admission for your favorite degree courses.
TUITION FEES: (Note: the calculations are based on 65 Rubles to USD average exchange rate and other calculations based on 2021.For latest update, please contsct us on whatsApp until updated here)
Preparatory (10 months) 90,000-100,000R (1600$)/year–Dentistry (5yrs + Preparatory) -170,000R (2800$)/ year Pharmacology :- (5 yrs + Preparatory -140,000R (2300$)/year- Biology/Chemistry (5 yrs+10 months language courses)-100,000R (1500$)/year — Master’s degree courses  –  135,000R/yr(2000$/yr)/year –– Engineering – 135,000R (2000$)/ year--Physics and microelectronics / Chemistry/ Biology– 140,000(2100$)/ year ,-Design -150,000R (2300$),– Sports & Recreation –( 4 years+ 1 year language courses  145,000R( 2200$)/year Mathematics & IT (4years +2 language courses)-150,000(2200$)/ year,
Hostel 300/yr, Health Insurance 300 USD/year and- Living costs 2500 $/yr.  Health Insurance 300 USD/yr and living 2500 $/yr .You need to get admission first in preparatory courses for 10 months to join 1st years regular courses. The education is either in Russian or bilingual. More about university Download Application for Invitation here …. And download the Online Application Form

6) Russian State Agricultural University- The Moscow State Agricultural Academy 

To  become a  Veterinary Doctor- this is the best choice. The University offers degree courses on animal husbandry and Agro-sciences and is one of the leading Agricultural universities in Russia. In 2011, the Vienna based Agency of international expert for Standards confirmed that the Master’s program «Agro-ecological management and engineering» and «Biotechnology» meets the standards of the Austrian Agency for quality assurance accreditation of educational programs.
TUITION FEES:  (Note: the calculations are based on 65 Rubles to USD average exchange rate and other calculations based on 2021.For latest update, please contsct us on whatsApp until updated here)
Preparatory Courses for 10 months -Foreign citizens with no or poor knowledge of Russian language, are supposed to enter a pre-enrollment (preparatory) faculty, where, upon completion, they take final exams in math and chemistry (in written form) and biology and Russian language (in written form and orally). Admissions for academic year 2021/2022:  Full-time study (two semesters). Classes commence on September 1-20, 2021 (In the case of closed borders, classes will begin online, arrival after opening the borders)   -Classes are to be completed on June 30, 2022. Training is carried out in the following profiles:  Economics, Engineering, Natural Sciences, and Medicine & Biology.
BACHELOR’S (B.Sc.) DEGREE COURSES:  Total 4 years courses after 10 months language courses. Academic year from September the 1st till August the 31st.. Entrance examinations in July for following subjects:  Hydro-meteorology. Biotechnology-Agronomy-Biology-Veterinary and sanitary expertise-
Degree Courses:   Animal husbandry-Agrarian engineering-Environmental engineering and water management, Applied IT sciences, electrical Engineering and other degree courses-Tuition fees 281600 Rub/-(4300$)/year
MASTER’S DEGREE PROGRAM: Admission requirements and costs; Enrollment- July, 31st  duration: 2 years.-Earth sciences –, Biological sciences ,Construction engineering and technology -, IT and computation -Electrical and thermal engineering  -Mechanical engineering-,Industrial ecology and bio-technologies , Applied geology, Mining – oil and gas engineering and geodesy-, Agriculture, forestry and fishing industry, Veterinary medicine and animal husbandry- 301 350 Rub/year (about 4600 USD)/ year
5 Years degree Courses:   Fields of study:- Veterinary medicine, Earth Science, Economics and Management – Total 5 year Courses- 281 600 (4300 USD

7) First Saint Petersburg State Medical University (Pavlova)

The Pavlova Medical University is located at St. Petersburg- the 2nd most popular city in Russia after Moscow,  close to Scandinavia. The Pavlova Medical University has many departments and faculties and clinics. It is a best option for those who prefer European standard Education . The University offers advanced research and practical education. The University is recognized by “WHO”, MCI and other International Health Organizations. One can apply for MBBS Courses, Dentistry, Sports medicine, pediatrics, clinical psychology, nursing courses & postgraduate studies. It has department & research institutes of cardiovascular diseases, interstitial and orphan lung diseases, surgery & emergency medicine, neurosurgery, E.N.T. department, Interventional Radiology, Cardiovascular Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Transplantology, Endoscopy and Urology
TUITION FEES: (calculations based on 65 Rubles to USD average exchange rate)
Preparatory faculty –language and other subjects -10 months – 250,000 Rubles or 3900 USD-  MBBS Degree Courses – 6 years (English or Bilingual).- 370,000 Rubles or 5700USD/year– Dentistry -5 years courses (English or bilingual) – 340,000Rubles or 5300 USD/year– Pediatric courses 6 years (English or Bilingual-280,000Rubles  or 4300 USD/year —Medical biochemistry- 6years courses (bilingual). Tuition fees -on request
Residency Courses –duration 2 years. Tuition fee on request (depends on specialty
Hostel costs – 400$/yr, health insurance about 300 $/year and –  Living costs about 3000$/year.  To read more click circle image of “Pavlova”


With 200 years of experience in medical training, KSMU is justifiably an international University. Around 700 students from more than 57 countries around the world study here and half of them study in English

North Ossetia State Medical Academy

NOSMA was founded in 1939. Since existence , over 21 000 highly qualified specialists have been graduated from the Academy. The graduates of NOSMA successfully work not only in the republic but in all regions of Russian Federation and abroad.


Pavlova First Saint- Petersburg State Medical University was established in September, 1897. Initially, it was introduced as the Medical Institute for Women. This institution is considered to be the first institution to provide an opportunity for women to obtain higher medical education


CIU Faculty of Medicine has been operating since 1995 and has produced and employed a number of successful specialists. It is a member of Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research – “FAIMER-IMED“and World Health Organization – “AVICENNA“ and in the list of foreign Medical Institutions acknowledged by Medical Council of India( MCI).

Pirogovo Moscow Research Medical University

Pirogovo Research Medial University is recognized by MCI, WHO and other health organizations. Duration of studies for general medicine course: 6 Years English Medium.The university history began in 1906 when a medical faculty was opened as a part of Moscow higher Women’s Courses.

Moscow Agricultural University

Russian State Agrarian University-Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy”-Year of foundation 1865.Over its 150 year history, it has formed leading Russian schools of agricultural sciences and higher agrarian education, its academic and teaching staff has attained international and national fame making the top of higher agricultural education..

North Ossetia State University

North Ossetia State University is one of the oldest academic research centers in the North Caucasian Federal District. One of the priority projects of the Russia Ministry of Education and Science is a competition focusing on tertiary institutions as centers for creative innovation

Batumi Navigation Teaching University

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