“Caucasus International University”

Eligibility: Minimum requirement is an average of 65% marks in higher secondary school (each in chemistry, biology, and English language). A proof of English language training

Entrance Examination (after approval) for: Chemistry, Biology and English language (in case of English medium)

Documents:You need forward to us:

12th grade certificate and certificate of grades (notary verified or Apostille copies)

  • NEET clearance for Indian students only .Once all documents for visa processing are prepared (except for ticket reservation which is done last day of submission of documents), visa application shall be filled in and all required documents (electronic versions attached and valid passport copy attested by Apostille or Notary attested and legalized through foreign office and consulate department

All these documents are then to be forwarded by courier to our representation office at Tbilisi Georgia. The sum of USD 300 is paid for visa invitation and other formalities within Georgian (party for VFS center Tbilisi.)

After preliminary approvals, an offer letter is issued by Georgian authorities and the same is forwarded to the Applicant

Applicant shall then prepare following set of documents

  1. a) Health Insurance (health insurance and insurance against accidents) shall be included for the total validity period of visa- We shall also recommend you insurance company in the process of admission
  2. b) Ticket reservation
  3. c) Passport copies (first and last Page)
  4. d) Photos 3×4cm with white background 6 pc
  5. e) Proof of English language (certificate, certifying about your knowledge of English)
  6. f)  Proof of financial support by bank or parents (affidavit)
  7. g) Power of attorney (to submit documents on your behalf( draft follows)
  8. h) Chest test certificate, HIV test certificate

Visa Procedures

a )  Documents required receiving Georgian Immigration (D) type Student visa

  1. b)  Full Admission Documents provided by University (Rectors Decree and Ministry of Education approval)
  2. c)  Check of the Payment of University Tuition fees

Accommodation Letter

Some Universities in Georgia have dormitories where students can be accommodated and in such a case university provides accommodation approvals. Some universities do not provide hostel accommodation and in such a case , our company arrange private accommodation on long term basis. A separate agreement is issued in such a case and a student must pay hostel costs 3 months in advance. A fully furnished flat for 3 to 4 people will cost around 100 USD a month for each student

Residents of Gulf countries 

For the students arriving in Georgia for educational purposes with residency of Gulf counties or with appropriate visa which allows them the entry, following documents shall be provided:

  1. Admission Documents from University (as stated above)
  2. Accommodation Letter
  3. Funds (cash money can be shown at the border)
  4. Insurance valid for total stay( guidelines will follow)

Georgian Immigration Police

Please note that present regulations may change due to changing immigration regulations in Georgia

  • Please get latest update from us on such matters
  • Additionally, we would prefer student to send us Power of Attorney (of the format given by us, verified by notary and apostle – so we can facilitate any procedure required.

Do not bother about accommodation and living procedures, we will arrange private accommodation for all selected candidates, near and around Georgian Medical universities on your request. You can share the same with other one or two candidates to reach your budget targets. We arrange transfer for you from Airports in Georgia and get your health insurance done and provide necessary consultations on all concerned issues.

We charge you one time consultancy fee after we get your applications approved from Georgian Medical Universities. Visa support will be arranged by us and time to time to your relative/ parents to visit you in Georgia. Applicants from India and Africa need valid visa support from Georgian Universities and those living in Middle East with valid long term stay permits have easy visa procedures. Applicants from Middle East/ Dubai will get entry visa on arrival in Georgia and Stay permit in Georgia will be provided by University authorities after initial approvals

Applicants from Europe, Australia, USA and Russia, do not need any visa invitations. All other procedures will be arranged during selection and approvals of necessary documents.

Special links:

The Ministry of Foreign affairs of Georgia has introduced the special web-page for verifying visa requirements -for foreigners travelling to Georgia. Please address the following link to check your individual requirements:

Enrollment procedure takes up to 3 weeks and the visa processing – up to 4 weeks.

To improve the service provided for Georgian citizens and for foreigners as well, the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia created this new web page. It will help you to easily get necessary information and services.