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North Ossetia State University



NOSU -Advanced University in medical and humanitarian Sciences

North Ossetia State University(NOSU) is a top class and low cost university in South of Russia. Apply for admission in pre-medial courses and continue studies in Dentistry, Pharmacy, Physics and nanotechnology , biochemistry  and other specialties .It has its own research centers and has a therapeutic, surgical, orthopedic, orthodontist and pediatric sections.

The university consists of seventeen schools and fifty-two departments. It has six functioning science and research centers. Recently, the Physics and Nanotechnology Collective Utility Center came into being. The basic study fields for science and research at the university include new materials and nanotechnology; information and communication technology; biological and medical technology, bios-stems technology; environmental management; multi-level educational systems; humanitarian and educational technology.
North Ossetia State University is one of the oldest academic research centers in the North Caucasian Federal District. One of the priority projects of the Russia Ministry of Education and Science is a competition focusing on tertiary institutions as centers for creative innovation. In 2017 NOSU won this competition and was named the center of innovative, technological and social development in the region.

Dentistry & Pharmecy

University has its own fully functioning Dentist Clinic and Diagnostic Center which offers a range of dental services and innovative facility where students have access to a range of modern equipment. NOSU also conducts dental treatment and training courses at city’s main Municipal Polyclinic which uses the most advanced dental technology. It has a therapeutic, surgical, orthopedic, orthodontist and pediatric section and an x-ray room where our students can put their knowledge into practice

Dentistry and pharmacy are medical professions widely in demand worldwide today. The NOSU possess highly qualified professors and lecturers, gifted in academic and professional training. NOSU provides modern lecture rooms for training and laboratory work as well us for scientific research and learning. It also has advanced material as well as technical and computer equipment. Its Pharmacia Innovation Center was created with the aim of improving knowledge of students by integrating education, science, practice and


Chemistry & Physics, Biology and Biotechnology

Departments: General and non-organic chemistry -Organic chemistry-Commodity studies and the technology of food products.-Anatomy, physiology and botany.-Zoology and bio-ecology.

What is unique about this specialization program is its combination of fundamental and technological knowledge. This is in line with the worldwide tendency towards the intensifying role of advanced technology and modern nano-material in production.
As part of our collaboration with the Moscow State University’s chemistry department, scientists study amorphous and Nano-crystal metal alloys, produced through mechanical welding. They also investigate the interaction between rare earth element and transition metals, studying the physic and chemical properties of these alloys.
Research spaces, Modern equipped labs.
A zoological museum, with more than twenty thousand objects including fauna from the region, the rest of Russia and the world.

Physics and Technology

In 1922 the School of Physics and Mathematics, consisting of the physics and technology department and the natural geography department, was founded as part of the Terek Regional Education Institute.
The physics of condensed matter. Physics and astronomy ,Technology and clothing design ,Labs
Physics and Technologies Nano-structure, a Federal Center of Nanotechnology. , Mechanics ,Molecular physics, Electricity and magnetic
Optics ,Atom and nuclear physics, Analysis methods with the help of physics and chemistry as well as spectrometric analysis.
Physics in hard matter- Professor Nikolai Siukaev, Ph. D. in Mathematical and Physic Sciences.
Sergey Norelco, academic secretary of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubne. Mairbek Chshiyev, director of the Magnetic Material Lab in Grenoble, France.
Associate Professor, Irina Tedeyeva, of the Institute of Physics at Clausthal University, Germany.
Professor Nikolai Kalitsov of Stockholm University.
Professor Arthur Avakyan, lab director of Minsk University.

Mathematics and Computer Technology

One of the oldest faculties of North Ossetia State University being founded in 1938.
Specialization and research:
Processing information protection projects using cryptographic algorithms. Theoretic research and processing of cryptographic algorithms. The RSA cryptographic system. Parallel calculation and parallel programming. WEB programming. Projecting databases. Processing the computerized inventory system.
Mathematical modeling of intricate economic, ecological, geophysical, biological and other occurrences in natural science and technology. Processing algorithms and programs for computerizing mathematical models.
Processing and computerizing numerical solution algorithms.
Processing and researching methods of teaching mathematics and computer science.
Research of various fundamental developments in modern mathematics. ,Research in the applied mathematics department modeling and developing software programs for computerized inventory systems, finding numerical solutions for mathematical physics equations. Much work is done with learners from the republic to popularize mathematical modeling and computer science. Research at the algebra and geometry department, classic algebra and geometry, crypto-analysis and related issues in the protection of information
combined methods of algorithm theory. Research at the mathematics analysis department creative analysis methods
mathematics modeling in economics convex analysis mathematical modeling of catastrophes and exogenous processes in mountainous regions. Research at the functional analysis and differential equations department- the theory of integral operators issues in the resolution of differential equations in various spaces the mathematical modeling of natural disaster processes.

Folk dance North Ossetia
Higher education at NOSU
Education at NOSU
SPORTS- 1 Five Olypic Champions have meen trained at NOSU
SPORTS- 2 Five Olypic Champions have meen trained at NOSU
Physics and Technology

Language Courses & Sports :

English ,German, French and Russian

Foreign languages for non-language professions.In additionally to their basic NOSU diploma students have the opportunity to take part in international educational programs and receive a concurrent diploma from overseas partnership tertiary institutions. Knowledge of foreign languages makes it possible to acquire a new profession or continue education at major tertiary institutions in Europe and America.
The German department cooperates with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) of the German embassy in Russia. Lecturers and students may undergo training, conduct academic research and continue their studies in Germany
The French department maintains contact with the French embassy’s French Language and Culture Center. Since 2008 NOSU has been offering the opportunity to sit the examinations for the DELF/DALF diploma, which is a requirement if one wants to study and work abroad.
Field of study specialization: Logistics, Logistics program: Bachelor’s degree- 4 years , comparative language studies : Master’s degree 2 years

Sport and Recreation

The North Ossetia Education Institute opened its physical training school in 1945 to restore and perfect physical training and health in the North Caucasus region and in order to infuse a love for sport. Since then it has given the influx of young and qualified physical training and sport specialists an opportunity to flourish.
Game sport and physical health. Sports and physical training theory and practice, Physical training
the modern learning and training building has lecture and resource rooms where the theory of physical training, game sport and athletics is studied and put into practice.
The study program incorporates a space for medical and biological specialization courses and our lecture rooms are equipped with the necessary multimedia and information technology.
University offers one of the best sport centers for effective specialized learning in Ossetia. Our modern Sport Palace has two indoor sport courts, spaces for wrestling and gymnastics and an Olympic-sized swimming pool. The basic subjects in our program are mastered in the best sport centers in Vladikavkaz, situated a few steps away from the main learning laboratory building.
Among graduates are more than 450 masters of sport, 65 international sport masters, more than thirty honored masters of sport, well-known trainers, more than sixty


Eligibility and Admission Procedure

Enrollment for the Preparatory course

An application form (provided by the department and filled in by the foreign applicant on arrival).-Proof of full secondary education, listing the subjects taken and marks achieved. (The original document with a notary certified Russian translation is compulsory. The translation is checked by the Russian notary office or consulate of the Russian Federation in the country where the document of education was issued).

Enrollment for Residency courses:

Proof of acknowledgement of the foreign government’s document pertaining to the level of education and (or) qualifications, issued by the Federal Education and Science Control Service of Russia (in the absence of an international agreement of mutual acceptance of education documents). For a list of such agreements, please, click on the following link:

A national passport (with a compulsory notary certified Russian translation. The translation is checked by the Russian notary office or consulate of the Russian Federation in the country where the passport was issued), an entry visa, a migration card.

A medical certificate:  Proof the applicant has tested negative for HIV.  Six (6) photos size 3cm x 4cm.

Enrollment for a Bachelor or Specialization Program

In order to enroll for a bachelor or specialization program, foreign applicants need to have proof of successfully completed their secondary education. This needs to be confirmed by the relevant documents (qualification, certificate, diploma) allowing them to receive higher education at a Russian tertiary institution. (Concerning the requirements for foreign education documents, please, refer to the Main Expert Center of the Federal State Budget Institution’s website, click on Or contact us direct for more information

FEE STRUCTURE; North Ossetia State University, Russia

Tuition Fee in local currency – Average exchange rate 65 Rubles to a USD

Preparatory( 10 months) 90,000-100,000R(1600$),Dentistry (5yrs + Preparatory) -170,000R(2800$) , Pharmacy(5 yrs + Preparatory -140,000R(2300$) , Biology/Chemistry (5 yrs+lang) -100,000R( 1500$) Following 4 yrs BSc+ 2 yrs MSc + language (Applied mathematics & Computer sciences-average 135,000R/yr(2000$/yr) ,Computer sciences & Engineering  -Average 135,000R(2000$) , ) Physics and microelectronics,/ Chemistry/ Biology-average 140,000(2100$), Design average-150,000R(2300$), Sports & Recreation –( 4 yrs+ lang) 145,000R( 2200$), Mathematics & IT (4+2+lang)-150,000(2200$) ,

Hostel 300/yr, Health Insurance 300 USD/yr and living 2500 $/yr

Note; The the tuition fees for the year 2021=2021 has gone up by 6-8 per cent . Please contact us for exact calculations or find changes on home page . All calculations are based on local currency value. The local currecy value change time to time

Visa formalities

The following are the visa requirements to get study visa of Russian Federation.

Filled Visa Application Form

International Passport (Traveling Document valid not less than two year).Original Invitation Letter from the University.Original School Certificates ( O level/ SSCE/ HSSC , Bachelor or Master Degree if available), (should be legalized)–General Health- Medical Certificate issued at least two months prior the entrance in to Russia (should be legalized)–HIV- AIDS test issued at least two months prior to the entrance (should be legalized)–6 Pictures 3.5 x 4.5 cm– a valid air ticket

1) INVITATION FORM:  Download here..

2) ONLINE APPLICATION FORM -NOSU download here or in useful links

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