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Moscow 2nd Medical State Research University named after Pirogovo , is one of the oldest (115 years) Universities in Russia and well known throughout the world. It was the first Russian University to allow women to learn medicine and first in the world to establish a faculty of pediatrics. The University offers clinical medicine, biomedicine, Dentistry & pharmacy, General medicine and other specialties.

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Applications are invited by “Study medicine Eurasia”, for above mentioned Courses for admission 2021-2022 . For more details ,please visit page: . Moscow 2nd Medical Research University is best option for those who prefer fast metropolitan life and can afford higher living costs than in other Russian Regions . It is one of the best in Europe, it has the most advanced infrastructure and top level of medical research Education.

Fee structure 

Preparatory Courses for 10 months: 270.000R (4200$).General medicine for 6 yrs bilingual) -440.000R (6750$).Dentistry for 5 yrs bilingual)-440.000R (6750$) .Pediatric courses for 6 yrs bilingual 380.000R (5850$)Pharmacy 5 yrs bilingual) 340.000R (5230$).Medical biochemistry for 6 yrs bilingual-440.000R (6750$).Residency Courses for 2 yrs 420.000/year (6000$) + (10mo Russian) 270.000R (4200$). Hostel about 400$ a year , Health insurance about 300$ a year and living costs about 3600$ a year( roughly calculations of average exchange rate 65 R to a USD)

Entrance Examination is conducted after approval of documents  online or on arrival at Moscow on following subjects :  Chemistry – Biology – English language. For “Test Rehearsal in Chemistry” For “Test Rehearsal in Chemistry” download papers here…  ,For “Test Rehearsal in Biology” download papers here

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