Russian State Agricultural University

Study Veterinary medicine & Agro-sciences 

Russian Agricultural University Moscow –Admission 2021-22

Applications are invited for Study Agro-sciences at  Russian Agricultural University ,Moscow

Following Degree Courses are offered for foreigners:

1) Preparatory Courses for 10 months-

Admission starts on July 21 and classes commence on Sept 21

Cources include: Russian language, Economics, Engineering , Natural sciences and also Medicine & Biology.

2)  Bachelor’s Degree program

Starts on Sept 1st to August 31 and duration 4 years (8 semesters). Tuition fee about 4300 USD

Specializations : Hydro-meteorology, Biotechnology, Agronomy and Veterinery medicine. Also Animal husbandry & Agrarian engineering and in adition ,you can apply for :Environmental engineering and water management and Electrical Engineering. The University also offer B.Sc Degree Courses for :Applied IT sciences .The Tuition fee about 4300 USD for all Degree Courses( everage exchange rate 65 Rub to a USD)

3) University also offers 2 years Master’s Degree Courses, for above mentioned subject

4) 5 Years Degree Courses . After Preparatory Courses foreigners can apply for 5 years Degree Courses  for:  Animal husbandry and Agrarian engineering and Environment Engineering &  water management and also for Applied IT  Sciences  Tuition fee: about  4300 USD. (with average exchange rates 65 Rubto a USD)

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